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Syringes and Accessories

SGE Analytical Science provides a range of syringes in varying capacities, termination types, and numerous needle sizes. This makes it easier to use any of them for myriad of life-science applications. They come with a selection guide to help the buyers and users understand the application.

Features and how to select the ideal syringe for any application:

Which Syringe?

There are 2 types:

  • Manual: When you want to use it manually on your own.

  • Autosampler or Instrument Syringe: This one is installed in an instrument and specifically fits a particular machine.

The manual syringes that SGE produces are used in chromatography or any other life-science applications. Since, they are available

Whereas the autosampler syringes are created to fit the unique requirements of the different science. They come in different sizes and shapes to adapt to the nature of the work it will be used for. When it comes to the accuracy in terms of its dimensional specifications or overnight sampling, the users have been positive about it.

What is the best size for any syringe?

For the best possible injection reproducibility and accuracy you will have to look at the smallest injectable volume. There are variations and you should be ideally look at something not less than 10 % of its total capacity.

To accurately dispense 1 ┬ÁL or anything lesser than this you will have to use the Nano- Volume syringe. SGE NanoVolume syringes are available to you in varying capacities. You will find anything between 500 nL to 5000 nL.

Some of the syringes can inject down to 50 nL because the entire sample is contained within the needle. You will notice that the syringes are rugged, robust and reliable as they are designed with submicron tolerances. These syringes are known for their precision and accuracy.

What is Termination?

Termination is used to refer to the procedure where a single syringe barrel and its mating connection are used. There are several different termination options to accommodate a wide range of applications.

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