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GC PLOT columns

For analysis of gases and volatiles

The chromatographers have been in search of the method that will help in maintaining the resolution of the highly volatile compounds. Rather than the traditional packed columns, it is better to use the modern GC plot columns due to the benefits it offers. Also, various limitations are eliminated.

The major advantages include:

  • Minimal bleed
  • Highly inert
  • Temperature stable

BP BOND PLOT columns

The main use of the PLOT columns is separating the compounds that are gases at room temperature. Trajan Scientific and Medical offers the BP BOND range of PLOT columns for analysis of fixed gases, low molecular weight hydrocarbons, volatile polar compounds and reactive analytes such as sulfur gases, amines, and hydrides.

BP BOND PLOT columns are engineered to prevent the stationary phase particles from shredding downstream. Columns have been manufactured for stability at high temperatures, low bleed, and high inertness levels.

BP BOND PLOT columns are available in three different phases:

  • BP BOND Q for volatile solvents and hydrocarbons.
  • BP BOND U for trace hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbonyl sulfide (COS) and mercaptans in hydrocarbon streams.
  • BP BOND Molsieve 5A for permanent gases, refinery, and natural gases.


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