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M/s. Knauer are proud to be associated with M/s. Gulf Analytical Supplies FZE for the entire range of LC columns. M/s. Knauer have a reputation over 50 years old in the field of Liquid chromatography and separation sciences, and have been the No.1 manufacturer in Europe in HPLCs & LC columns.

Over the past two decades the Eurospher stationary phase established by M/s. Knauer offer support with physical properties very similar to those of Kromasil R and Eurospher II range of columns and can be used to replace Kromasil R columns, providing excellent symmetry for Acids, Bases and Neutrals.

Among the other first’s offers by M/s. Knauer include the

UHPLC columns,

Chiral columns,

Prep-HPLC columns

Columns with 1.8um, 2um, 3 um, 5 um, 10 um, 15 um particle size.

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