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Innovative Solutions to Enhance Your Chromatography

In the 50 years of being a chromatography company, we are proud to have been able to deliver innovations in the GC Accessories area. The most recent SGE innovation SilFlow™ is a microchannel fabricated microflow solution.

SilFlow™ compliments products such as the Olfactory Detector Outlet (splitting of the outlet stream for fragrance or odor analysis), AirSharp™ (peak focusing without the need for liquid CO2 or N2) and the Projector II™ (pyrolyzing injection system). The SGE GC Accessories has listed the following pages to improve the flexibility of the analysis which you make which help to achieve chromatographic solutions across the wide range of applications.

Introducing the latest chromatography solution from SGE- SilFlow™

SGE knows the need which is required by the chromatographers in today’s world to move from tubing based flow systems to planar microchannel systems in order to deliver flexible solutions for both gas and liquid chromatography. SilFlow™ is an innovation in terms of design and fabric. These are made from highly efficient and reliable microflow systems. In gas and liquid chromatography, it is very important to design such microflow systems which help to minimize the deal volumes in order to achieve maximum chromatography performance.

SilFlow™ is enabled by SGE’s design and manufacture capabilities, specifically:

  • Laser fabrication
  • Wafer bonding
  • Metal surface deactivation
  • Fluidic design
  • Connection systems

SilFlow™ Channel Dimensions Using SilFlow™ technology, SGE can create precise dimensional control of channels between 25 µm and 800 µm.

SilFlow™ designs can incorporate the restrictions and intersections. For more complex configurations for multiple layers, up to 8 channels can be manufactured. You can also contact your local SGE office if the current SilFlow™ products do not meet your chromatography requirements.

SilFlow™ Channel Deactivation

The ever-increasing sensitivity of analysis in gas chromatography extends to all the components in the GC system. SGE’s expertise in surface chemistry has developed a series of deactivation technologies to ensure that the metal channels in SilFlow™ exhibit the same inertness as the fused silica capillary columns.

Improved Chromatography Peak Shape

Because SilFlow™ channels are planar and can be fabricated precisely, ideal microflow arrangements can be designed so that no detectable peak distortion is observed (Figure 1).

Improved Chromatography Peak Shape

SGE sought to overcome the challenge of the connection system for microchannel devices since conventional graphite or Vespel® ferrule systems must not be used as they do not form a perfect seal, and there is the risk of particles from these materials getting into the channels. SGE has invented metal SilTite™ ferrules for use with fused silica tubing and has adapted this innovation so that metal ferrules can be used with SilFlow™ microchannel systems (Figure 2). Wrenches are not required for a perfect reliable seal, even for the most sensitive MS systems, making SilFlow™ installation simple. Depending on the type of connecting tubing used, the SilFlow™ system can be operated at pressures up to 50,000 psi (3,500 Bar), contact SGE for further details.

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