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eVol®-Combination of two precision devices

First-the electronic device with a numerical display

Second- XCHANGE® (Patent Pending) syringe for diagnosis

Read additional information about XCHANGE® on page 18. eVol (Digitally Controlled Analytical Syringe) is a device programmed with the digital system that displays the accurate results of different treatments performed with liquid.

The device is programmed in such a way that the liquid dispenses independently in the drive giving the accurate measurement. Scheduling the use of digital drive reduces the incorrect processing or false analysis of the samples.

  • XCHANGE®-syringes used for a diagnostic purpose which can be replaced instantly without any chance of contaminating the liquid with unwanted elements.
  • eVol® has complied with the GLP, GMP, FDA laboratory standards and is the world’s first standardized diagnostic syringe for users. This simple and hydrometric procedure can be done keeping certain time gap to get the results. Each XCHANGE® syringe exhibits the same elements and is even maintained with the change of syringe.
  • A Standard syringe offers ± 0.2 % of accuracy.
  • The exact count for RSD (%) is:

eVol® 500 µL syringe 0.3 %.

eVol® 100 µL syringe 0.3 %.

eVol® 50 µL syringe 0.4 %.

eVol® 5 µL syringe 0.5 %.

Different operating modes of eVol® and its uses are:

  • Dispense– Extraction and distribution of the same volume.
  • Repeat Dispense– Recurring distribution of the desired volume.
  • Manual- Extraction and distribution of fluctuating volumes
  • Custom– Other custom-made methods for the desired solution (up to 98 steps).

It is easy to use custom programs for regulating the workflow of the laboratory. Also, use of such methods will improve the efficiency with a reduction in any variation by the laboratory staff. This modern process, unlike traditional manual method, definitely generates savings, especially for the commercial laboratories.

eVol® MEPS™

It would be perfect to use eVol® with MEPS™ – Micro Extraction by Packed Sorbent.

The function of MEPS™ is similar to SPE- purification or speciation of samples. The benefit underlying MEPS™ is the easy use of even the smallest samples of 3.6 µL rather than the full-scale SPE. The combined use of eVol® and MEPS™ is done for improving the workflow and generating savings in the resource with an increase in usage of the method. It is due to the customized program of eVol® due to which MEPS™ became an automated system that allows dispensation, extraction, and injection of the sample with the help of the same syringe.

The MEPS™ Barrel-Insert-Needle (BIN) is kept in a motionless stage for converting it into the needle of the syringe.

Just like the traditional SPE devices, the size and dimensions are designed for similar performance every time the device is used for absorption of samples. The best part is that MEPS™ BINs can be used at different stages of the common SPE and also fits the eVol® MEPS™ syringes easily. Get more information about MEPS™ and the range of stationary phases on pages 222-225.

eVol® NMR Edition

It is the benefits of eVol® in preparing the NMR samples due to which SGE developed the ‘NMR Edition’ of eVol®. The use of eVol® ‘NMR Edition’ guarantees accuracy, improvement in workflow with the better results and savings of cost. The use of stainless steel needles usually of 115 and 180 mm in the eVol® ‘NMR Edition’ is the main element which is used for avoiding issues like contamination of samples and easy mix and diluting of the samples in the available tube. The NMR tubes with eVol® benefit with easy retrieval of the valuable samples and economic storage in the vessels. It is easy to empty the NMR tubes, wash and reuse effortlessly.

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