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Eurospher I


Eurospher I is a silica-based HPLC packing material which is used for a wide range of analytical, semi-preparative and process scale separations. It is best for high-resolution normal phase and reversed phase chromatography. It has been on the market for more than 20 years and the Eurospher stationary phase has gained a reputation as a stable and reliable partner for the daily separation works.

Eurospher I silica features a really good mechanical stability, a high available surface area with a narrow particle size distribution. All these properties give the Eurospher a long lifetime and a high loading capacity.

They are available in different modifications and column sizes. Eurospher I columns are easily adaptable to your application and truly give the balance between efficiency, price and performance.

Physical properties of Eurospher I stationary phase:

Column Hardware

We specialize in designing and manufacturing HPLC vertex plus column hardware ranging from 2mm ID to 62 mm ID under strict quality control. There is a special treated inner surface which ensures consistent column packing and high column stability. There is a huge range of columns with lengths ranging from 5mm to 300 mm which are available. They are easily exchangeable integrated precolumn for analytical columns which is available if you want it.


The Eurospher I stationary phase is available in 7 different surface modifications and can be used for a number of applications which may include reversed phase and normal phase applications. Every Eurospher I modification will offer a high chemical stability and loading capacity. We have a long experience and knowledge when it comes to producing HPLC columns and we ensure you of the highest reproducibility. Each and every modification should pass extensive quality control procedures, guaranteeing the best batch to batch reproducibility.


The choice for a perfect and appropriate column for a particular application can be really tricky and challenging task. But, with a range of bonded phases offering a different selectivity, the Eurospher I family has columns which can be used to meet most of the separation needs. The table given below will really help you to choose the best Eurospher I column for a particular application.

For extreme aqueous applications, it is recommended by us to use the Eurospher II C18A material. If you are in need of columns for LC-MS applications, we recommend getting our Eurospher II column family.

Separation of sulpha drugs

Separation of steviol glycosides

Separation of steroids

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