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Eurospher II

Eurospher II – The logical choice

Being in the market for more than 20 years, our Eurospher stationary phase has established a reputation for being a first-class packing material for a huge range of applications. Now we have introduced the Eurospher II which is the new workhorse for a wider range of application areas. It is based on an ultra-pure spherical silica gel. Also, Eurospher II is a high-performance column material which can be used for analytical, semi-preparative and process-scale applications. Eurospher II features very narrow particle a pore size distributions as well as outstanding mechanical stability. Eurospher II silica gel is a perfectly suiting to take all the routine analyses as well as the most ambitious chromatography tasks.

Physical properties of Euroshper II silica gel

Eurospher II offers an outstanding mechanical and chemical stability. With the physical properties very similar to those of Kromasil 100, Eurospher II columns can be used to replace Kromasil® columns, which provides excellent peak symmetry for acids, bases and neutrals.

Eurospher II is easily comparable with Kromasil® and even outperforms in some aspects.

  • Nearly the same particle shapes the Kromasil 100.
  • Eurospher II has a lower metal impurity specification.
  • Has a higher mechanical stability when compared to Kromasil 100.
  • Comparable selectivity in RP mode of Eurospher II C18 H and Kromasil 100 C18.


As we have a wide range of surface modifications available, all the applications in reversed phase and normal phase modes are easily covered. Every Euroshper II modification offers high levels of stability and loading capacity. This is due to the mono and multi-functional silanes. With different levels of end-capping, the Eurospher II provides you with a wide variety of surface modification types which are required for analytical as well as preparative columns. Our years of experience and knowledge of producing HPLC columns ensures that you get the highest reproducibility.

In summary four different Eurospher II C18 types are now available. Eurospher II reversed phase columns are up to the challenge by delivering outstanding selectivity of positional isomers, steric isomers, and polar compounds.

Whether your application requires high pH or low pH conditions, Eurospher II C18 H, C18 P, and C8 AH columns perform equally well.

Highly reproducible columns


Choosing an appropriate column for a particular application can be a really difficult task. With a range of bonded phases offering different selectivity, the Eurospher II family includes the columns which can meet most of the separation needs. The chart given below will help you to choose the best Eurospher II column for a particular application.

Preservatives: Eurospher II C8

Column Hardware

We design and manufacture HPLC column hardware which range from 2 mm ID to 62 mm ID under strict quality control. A specially treated inner surface ensures consistent column packing and high column stability. A wide range of column lengths from 5 mm up to 300 mm are available. An easily exchangeable integrated precolumn for analytical columns is available upon request.

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