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Your reliable partner for chiral separations

KNAUER’s Eurocel line of Chiral Stationary Phases (CSP) was designed in order to tackle a different range of chiral separation tasks. Based on a premium quality silica gel matrix coated with a derivatized cellulose polysaccharide, the Eurocel chiral column materials are characterized by an extremely high enantioselectivity and loadability.

Eluent flexibility

While other CSPs are typically used in normal phase mode only, Eurocel columns can be used in normal phase mode, reversed phase mode and polar organic mode. This can be done without any loss in selectivity. Switching between different eluent types requires only short equilibration times.

Available in a wide range of dimensions for analytical, preparative, simulated moving bed and supercritical fluid applications, Eurocel columns are the perfect choice for even the most challenging enantioseparation tasks.


Eurocel chiral columns exhibit exceptionally robust performance for large numbers of injections. Eurocel CSPs also features a particularly narrow particle size and pore size distribution, as well as outstanding mechanical stability with a pressure limit of 300 bar.

Eluent modifiers such as mineral and organic acids, buffer salts or amines over a pH range from 2 to 8 can be used with all Eurocel columns.

High loadability

KNAUER Eurocel chiral columns offer very high loadability for easy and cost-effective upscaling process. All Eurocel CPSs are available in 3 µm, 5 µm, 10 µm, and 20 µm particle sizes.

Chiral column family


All the available Eurocel chiral columns offer a proven set of different selectivity, allowing for separations of a wide range of chiral compounds. With all Eurocel chiral materials providing great eluent flexibility, high loadability, and exceptional stability the process of method development can be simplified.

Derivatization of the cellulose OH-groups creates supramolecular helical-polymer structures, combining polar and p-p interactions with inclusion complexation resulting in potent selectivity.

Eurocel stationary phases are particularly enantioselective for organic and organometallic species. The peak elution order will depend on the Eurocel modification used and the physicochemical properties of the eluting substance.

To be sure you get the most suitable Eurocel column for your application, we recommend that you take advantage of our free column screening service by submitting a sample of your analyte.

  • Range of applications
  • KNAUER Eurocel chiral columns are typically used for separations of
  • pharmaceutical active compounds
  • chiral compounds in foodstuffs, dyes, preservatives
  • chiral catalysts and bioorganic racemates

Please also refer to our chiral applications available on our website.

Handling guidelines

Eurocel columns are compatible with most typical HPLC solvents. As with any CSP based on modified cellulose, some HPLC solvents can damage this type of column, even when in low concentrations. To ensure optimal performance, detailed column handling guidelines are provided with every column. When switching eluent types, an appropriate solvent intermediate such as 2-propanol is recommended to achieve short equilibration times.

Temperature is also a very important parameter for chiral separations. Eurocel columns can be operated reproducibly between 4 and 40 °C. In general, lower column temperatures will improve enantioselectivity.

Column hardware

We design and manufacture HPLC column hardware ranging from 2 mm ID to 62 mm ID under strict quality control. A specially treated inner surface ensures consistent column packing and high column stability.

Technical support

In addition to telephone technical support, KNAUER also offers:

Method development service to create and optimize a separation method for your application.

Free column screening service to help you find the optimal chiral column for your separation task.

Preparative-scale separation service for simulated moving bed chromatography and other sample purification applications.

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